Knoxville Litigation Attorney Shelly Wilson

In today’s world, disputes often arise that cannot be solved without the intervention of our court system.  When this happens, the objective of our litigation attorneys is to aggressively represent clients in the courts and to successfully resolve disputes.  We also help clients avoid litigation through the use of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution strategies whenever possible.

We are very intentional in the types of cases we accept for litigation and are not considered a plaintiffs’ firm.  In other words, we do not advertise to persons involved in car accidents or slip-and-fall injuries.  We are very selective in the types of cases we accept for litigation.

Our litigation experience covers a vast array of legal fields: contract disputes, real estate issues, medical defense, products liability, antitrust, intellectual property, family law, probate, and much, much more.  Our litigation clients range from individuals and families to businesses and governmental entities, depending on the type of case.  Additionally, we are well versed and successful in both prosecuting and defending class action lawsuits.

We have a reputation for aggressively pursuing judgment awards for our clients by seeking out and pursuing recovery through such actions as garnishment and attachment.  In fact, we effectively litigated the collection of a foreign judgment, and that case currently stands as the law in Tennessee on the subject of piercing the corporate veil.

Also, we have successfully litigated multi-million dollar claims for our clients and likewise achieved million-dollar outcomes for them.  We successfully litigated a multi-million-dollar case for one client that recovered one of the largest settlements in East Tennessee at the time.

Litigation, or the prospect of litigation, can be frightening to some clients due to the uncertainty of the outcome, the time involved, and the potential associated cost.  However, jury trials are becoming less and less frequent given the current movement to resolve cases through alternative dispute resolution methods.  That also means that the art associated in knowing how to successfully handle a jury trial is becoming a thing of the past.  That’s why the experience and reputation of those representing you is so important.  All of our senior litigating attorneys have had successful experience in jury trials, some of us having tried over fifty (50) such cases. As a result of having to regularly litigate on behalf of some of our clients, the frequency of court appearances serves to keep our skills honed and sharp.

Aside from our vast courtroom experience, our attorneys are proven, seasoned negotiators, having experience in both mediation and arbitration.  Several of our attorneys are also certified in dispute resolution and serve as mediators when litigation is not the preferred course of action.

With the advent of technology, we have been able to more efficiently and effectively build and defend our cases.  This enhancement actually serves to reduce associated client costs and adds efficiency in streamlining the time it takes to get a case from start to finish.  Technology in the courtroom and in mediation helps to better express the merits of our client’s case with the intent of aiding the trier of fact and/or negotiator as well as influencing other related parties.

Today, we have a thriving litigation practice representing corporate defendants in business litigation and healthcare providers in medical malpractice lawsuits. Because we represent doctors, nurses, and skilled nursing facilities in one of the few legal areas where lawsuits are still tried, most of our attorneys have actual jury trial experience. We are approved counsel for the TML Risk Management Pool and, because of that status, we have defended 4 cities in the recent litigation concerning the division of liquor by the drink funds between local education agencies. We have also been selected as one of 3 law firms across the state to respond to The Pool’s “Legal Hotline” for municipalities needing a quick response to questions of law.