Antitrust & Unfair Competition Attorneys

State and federal antitrust laws are designed to protect trade and commerce from monopolization within the market, restraint of trade, and anti-competitive and unfair business practices.  Almost all such cases have significant amounts of money at stake and multiple moving parts in play at all times.

Over the years, we have both defended and pursued antitrust claims on behalf of our clients.  In some instances, these cases involved class action lawsuits with many different parties.  In fact, two of our partners, Shelly Wilson and John Owings, have each been selected by their peers for six years as a Cityview Magazine Top Attorney in Antitrust Law.

Antitrust law cases typically involve the exchange of voluminous documents and data for review of the claims and damages, whether a case is being prosecuted or defended.  In either scenario, experience and insight into efficiently organizing and categorizing the data is crucial to streamlining the process in order to achieve a productive outcome.

Typically, courts put antitrust claims on tight schedules for deadlines such as document production, witness depositions, and evidentiary identification and disclosure.  Parties to antitrust litigation can expect numerous court appearances. Motions involving confidentiality of documents and court filings, the production requirements between the parties, and the use of experts and evidence are just a few of the many actionable items the court will review.  To be successful in meeting court-mandated deadlines, a firm must be experienced and knowledgeable in preparing such cases. Organizational skills, an understanding of the process, available support staff, and a history of being involved in antitrust cases are fundamental elements for success.

Additionally, antitrust cases almost always require the retention of experts.  It is their job to analyze the particular business involved, its place in the market, and the economies of the claims and damages.  In antitrust situations the right experts are essential to successfully resolving the case.  We have worked with many such experts before in the fields of economics, engineering, and medicine, as well as a host of other professionals who serve as authorities in their respective fields of study. Just as the right person can add value to a case, selecting the wrong person can severely undermine one. Knowing where to find credible people and how to access them requires a unique skill level and experience.  We have both the knowledge and resources necessary to locate and retain the right person for the right case.