Knoxville legal services

Legal Services in Knoxville, TN For Public and Private Clients

Our clients are some of the most successful and prestigious people, businesses, and public entities in the Southeast.  They have highly evolved situations that cross a broad spectrum of legal services.  To accommodate their various circumstances, we have dedicated resources and service lines that are in direct alignment with those needs.

Knoxville Attorneys working with Business Organizations

Legal Services for Business Organizations

Dedicated to serving businesses of every size, we believe a business functions most efficiently when its representatives serve all of its needs, not just a few. Under the direction of another of our partners, Stephanie Coleman, we support businesses through formation and dissolution issues, contracts, employment matters, governmental compliance, shareholder disputes, and more. And, when necessary, we represent them in both state and federal courts.

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Local Govenments Law

Legal Services for Local Governments

One of our partners and former Knox County Law Director, John Owings, brings insight and understanding to the representation of local governments in Tennessee rarely found elsewhere. Our firm has a history of commitment and support for government that exceeds the ordinary attorney-client relationship and demonstrates the commitment and dedication of the firm’s resources and expertise to the communities we represent.

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Municipal Finance Lawyers in a meeting

Municipal Finance Law

In addition to general municipal representation, we serve as Bond Counsel on issues of Capital Outlay Notes, Tax Anticipation Notes, Limited Tax Bonds, Revenue Bonds, Revenue and Limited Tax Bonds and General Obligation Bonds, participating in over $11.1 billion in public finance transactions to date.

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Knoxville Litigation Attorney Shelly Wilson


In today’s world, disputes often arise that cannot be solved without the intervention of our court system.  When this happens, the objective of our litigation team is to aggressively represent clients in the courts and successfully resolve disputes.  We also help clients avoid litigation through the use of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution strategies whenever possible.

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Antitrust & Unfair Competition Attorneys

Antitrust & Unfair Competition Law

Year after year, our firm is consistently selected by area attorneys as a leader in the field of Antitrust Law. We regularly assist clients with antitrust analysis in the context of mergers and acquisitions, price review and inquiry, and other market studies.  Additionally, in the case of antitrust action, we guide our clients through their defense when the need arises.

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Knoxville Law Firm for Healthcare Organizations and Regulation

Legal Counsel for Healthcare Organizations and Regulation

With decades of experience in the continuing care and retirement community industry, we assist with government and regulatory compliance, day-to-day administration questions, and litigation. Our healthcare practice includes mergers and acquisitions of healthcare facilities and medical practices, worker’s compensation issues, and obtaining certificates of need for expansion.

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Knoxville Elder Law Attorney Felicia Coalson

Elder Law

Our elder law team, under the direction of Felicia Coalson, is passionate about serving the senior community of East Tennessee. We provide advice and guidance in the areas of Estates, Trusts, Legacy Planning, Life Planning, Long Term Care Planning and Elder Abuse Prevention.

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Stephanie Coleman & Doug Overby

Government Relations

Our government relations team offers the experience and expertise to assist our clients in navigating today’s legislative and regulatory environment, and to develop strategies to assist our clients in overcoming obstacles, taking advantage of opportunities, and educating policymakers.

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