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Teacher’s Discipline Act – A New Way to Manage Discipline in Tennessee Schools

During the pandemic, issues with student discipline rose drastically.  Legislators nationwide have responded to this emergent issue by developing new laws that empower teachers with more control over their respective classroom environment.  Despite legislative intent, however, it remains crucial for state and local governments alike to be mindful of Tennessee’s legislative answer that has a…

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last will and testament

How Property Passes in Tennessee When You Die Without A Will

Hello all, The last time we talked, we discovered an alarming statistic that only 33% of Americans have Estate Planning documents in place at the time of their death. The absence of a will, or dying intestate, can have significant implications for the distribution of your assets. I run into so many people that think…

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The State of Landlord/Tenant Law in a Shifting Market

The state of housing in 2023 is undeniably tumultuous.  Even if you have been living under a rock, the rent for said rock has likely increased in the past eight months.  In this environment, it is important for renters to understand their rights and obligations under Tennessee law. According to a report by the National…

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speed camera

Speeding: It’s Not Worth It

  As a lifetime speeder, some would call me an aggressive driver, I understand the desire to get to your destination as quickly as possible, even if there is no excuse other than the self-indulgence of getting things done.  My real excuse, although not a defense, is the fact that I have an aversion to…

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